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Trendy Corporate Gift Ideas That Your Team Will Love

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Generic is out. Thoughtful and unique is in (and here to stay!). Corporate gifts should be as diverse and unique as your employees. From custom kits to special trips that surprise and delight, Accolad offers a bevy of options that break the mould. So ditch the status quo. It’s time to put a genuine smile on your employees' faces when they receive something tailored just for them. After all, making them feel truly valued, recognized, and seen is the key to boosting productivity and innovation. For this reason, bespoke gestures are integral to the appreciation process for all businesses. We’ve compiled a list of in-demand, trendy corporate gift ideas people actually want and where to get them.

Why Corporate Gifts Are Important

Most businesses focus on pleasing their clients and partners, often overlooking the employees foundational to the company’s success. Therefore, finding the best corporate gift ideas for your team is a powerful way to show appreciation and care.

But you can’t just limit gifts to occasions when an employee has completed a task. Instead, they should be given on commemorative dates, like birthdays and even ‘just because’, such as an end-of-year celebration of all their hard work. 

This showcases that you value your people and helps develop a deeper emotional bond between managers and their team members. Thoughtful gift-giving is an excellent way to build a healthy work environment beyond transactional, merit-based relationships.

8 Top Corporate Gift Ideas That Are On Trend

As the best employee recognition platform, Accolad has helped countless businesses in Canada and around the world find perfect gifts. We have a vast catalogue with thousands of gift ideas for all tastes. Based on our professional experience, here are some of the best trendy corporate gift ideas to consider:

1. Branded Company Items

Small gestures can have a big impact. Consider elevating everyday items with a personalized touch. Branded items are an original corporate gift idea suitable for everyone, regardless of the occasion. Just make sure to choose items your people actually want or need to use regularly. Employees can wear branded apparel proudly as members of your organization. If the items are for clients, they can serve as promotional gift ideas to maintain brand visibility.

2. A Custom Kit

Customized kits are an excellent corporate gift idea to suit various preferences. For example, a care kit can include multiple themed products such as skin care or home spa treatments. A barbecue kit could include spices, marinades, sauces, and grilling accessories.

Other kit ideas to consider include tools, cosmetics, chocolates, etc. Regardless of what you choose, it's important that the gift is special and speaks to how well you know the recipient’s interests and preferences. This way, they can try something new or always have useful objects in their daily life that are relevant and thoughtful.

3. Personalized Baskets

Baskets are also incredibly versatile corporate gift ideas that are on point for all occasions. They can be offered for birthdays, end-of-year celebrations, or even special breakfasts to beat the Monday Blues. Whatever the occasion, rest assured that your employee will feel special.

But choosing the right basket requires special attention to the items inside. A breakfast basket, for example, could include bread, cheese, jam, coffee, fruit juices, cottage cheese, etc. To make it even more special, consider adding flowers, balloons, a personalized mug, or even a greeting card with a handwritten note of appreciation. 

4. Professional Growth & Upskilling

Many employees want to invest in professional growth, but this is often cost and time-prohibitive. They may also struggle to access courses and training that are relevant to their field. Offering professional development courses is a trendy corporate gift that encourages your employees to upskill and refine their expertise.

Before offering professional growth opportunities, it's important to check if there’s demand for this among your team. Beyond just making your people happy, the company will also benefit from having highly qualified and exceptionally skilled talent.

5. Event Tickets

Tickets to various events are an invitation to create lasting memories. Consider offering tickets to movies, live shows, plays, exhibitions, sporting events, and other cultural and artistic activities that are unique and interesting. 

For example, redeemable cinema vouchers give your team the freedom to choose what movie appeals to them. Plus, tickets can be offered to include companions, concession items, or even special viewing rooms.

6. Personalized Mugs

Just say no to mugs. Well, the generic ones. An office without coffee, or at least something to put it in, is a recipe for mutiny. A simple and inexpensive option is a personalized mug, which can given for any occasion. 

But it needs to reflect the tastes and personality of the person you’re giving it to, or the gift will fall flat. Consider personalizing it with photos, images, or phrases that demonstrate how much you value and know a particular person.

7. Gourmet Meals

Depending on the occasion, a special dinner funded by the company is an excellent gourmet corporate gift idea. It's important to choose a good restaurant that will get the team excited for the event. You also need to decide if the celebration will involve all team members. If it's a company party for a team, consider inviting the bosses as well.

This helps your employees feel recognized and valued by their superiors. It's also a powerful way to foster closer relationships between colleagues, bolster collaboration, and promote camaraderie within the company. The moment meaningful acknowledgment comes from leadership, it transforms workplace dynamics for the better. 

8. Unforgettable Trips

Travel is a trendy corporate gift that kills two birds with one stone: it offers a break from the routine as well as a rejuvenating pause. This ensures your team member returns with renewed energy and fresh ideas. This is a pricey gift so we recommend reserving it for specific or extra special occasions.

Corporate trips typically offer a package that covers transportation and accommodation expenses to a predetermined destination. Consider aligning this type of gift with your employee’s vacation time so they can truly unwind and enjoy the experience. Travel is an original corporate gift idea you should consider offering because the ROI can be significant.

Accolad is the Best Place for Unconventional Corporate Gifts

The best unique and trendy corporate gift ideas create memorable experiences. And that's exactly what Accolad offers. Our eCard system is highly customizable and offers an extensive catalogue of gift ideas to please everyone. Simply create an account, access our catalogue of gifts, sort according to your needs, and then customize your choice. Voila!

You can personalize gifts with a thoughtful message, company name, and much more. Whether you're looking to offer individual gifts to your team or your clients, Accolad complements your virtual celebrations and offers benefits as unique as your people. 

Have a gift idea that's not on our platform? Talk to our experts today. We can provide gifts that exceed expectations.

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