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Finding The Perfect Custom Corporate Gift

Trouver le cadeau corporatif idéal pour vos clients, employés et partenaires - Accolad

Corporate gifts have the power to build lasting, loyal connections that elevate your business. But finding the perfect token of appreciation is a challenge. It has to send the right message if you want to build bridges and boost morale effectively. Focusing solely on the price can backfire. Thoughtful, personalized corporate gifts let your employees, clients, and partners know that you truly value them. Here’s how Accolad can meet all your personalized gift needs so you always stick the landing.

Why Custom Corporate Gifts Are Important

Long-term success boils down to the relationships you forge with employees, clients, and partners. Their happiness and sense of belonging are paramount. Factors such as a decent salary, a comfortable working environment, and recognition of their hard work contribute to the company's growth and longevity.

The easiest and most pragmatic way to bring happiness to your employees and achieve success is to choose the perfect custom corporate gifts. A thoughtful and personalized token is a sign of goodwill and appreciation. The right corporate gift is an asset that drives loyalty, boosts morale, and levels up productivity.

For best results, we suggest giving these gifts for promotions, significant events, and various holidays. But not just any gift will do. You need to take the time to get to know your employees and clients in order to choose a memento that suits them best.

6 Tips to Find Corporate Gifts for Employees, Clients, and Partners

These simple tips can help make personalized corporate gifts the cornerstone of your company's success story:

1. Determine Your Budget

Always determine your budget first. Talk to your accountant to find out exactly how much money you plan to spend on corporate gifts. Consider a quarterly gift program to control expenses so as not to skimp in this area.

2. Timing is Everything

Choosing the ideal moment to give a well-thought-out corporate gift plays a significant role in building rapport with your employees or clients. Unfortunately, too many companies rest on their laurels by giving gifts to their employees at the end of the year, around Christmas or the first working day of the New Year. While there’s technically nothing wrong with that, there’s a far better way to go about it.

As a leader in high-impact corporate gifts, Accolad recommends giving gifts when people least expect it. For example, hiring anniversaries, closing dates, and significant milestones are perfect opportunities to surprise your employees. An unexpected and personalized gift will impress them deeply.

3. Don't Be Thoughtless

If you wouldn’t want it, don’t give it. Standard, thoughtless gifts are counterproductive and could potentially backfire on you. Finding the perfect gift that sends the right message means considering your employee’s unique preferences and personality. Simply put, you need to choose your corporate gifts wisely.

4. Let Them Choose the Gift

It’s extremely important to let your employees choose their ideal gift. A beautiful vase may please one person but disappoint another (who may already have one at home). Gift cards from major brands are an excellent choice because they’re flexible and are especially appreciated in times of high inflation. Your employees have the freedom to choose based on their tastes, aesthetics, and many other preferences.

5. Make it Personal

Custom or tailor-made corporate gifts foster a sense of uniqueness and belonging among employees and colleagues. Plus, they’re a proven way to strengthen the corporate culture if you decorate them with logos, slogans, or elegant designs. These distinctive gifts are appreciated worldwide and can help boost team morale.

However, we know it’s hard to predict what each employee actually wants. That’s why it’s ideal to offer a wide and diverse variety of gifts to choose from. This ensures you can satisfy all tastes and add a personal message to explain your intention behind each gift. Also, consider offering corporate gifts in person to show your appreciation and attention to detail.

6. Make it Memorable

Take a look around your office and you'll see a plethora of branded pens, manuals, coasters, and calendars. Can you remember who sent them to you or where you bought them? Probably not.

These banal items failed to leave a strong and lasting impression on you because they lack ingenuity and originality. This is why your corporate gifts need to be memorable. A well-timed original and relevant gift is the difference between an investment and a sunk cost.

Accolad is the Best Place to Find the Ideal Corporate Gift

Celebrating your employees, clients, and partners is a powerful way to boost your company's productivity and gain notoriety. Accolad is the all-in-one recognition solution that allows you to find the best custom corporate gifts and track them easily. Our seamless platform lets you manage a high-impact recognition program for your employees with the click of a button.

Accolad also offers the widest selection of custom corporate gifts in Canada. You can access hundreds of high-quality gifts to reward your employees, clients, and partners. With Accolad, you benefit from:

  • Total automation
  • Tailor-made gifts
  • Exceptional service
  • The opportunity to support local businesses
  • A simple and user-friendly solution
  • A wide choice of gifts

Ready to invest in your people? Talk to one of our experts for a free consultation.

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