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Rewards catalog

Canadian and American gift cards of renowned brands

Your employees can exchange their universal Accolad gift card for a prestigious brand gift card among our selection. Offer unparalleled freedom of choice!

Quebec gift cards

The Accolad universal gift card also provides access to a host of Quebec corporate gift cards. With Accolad, discover Quebec like never before! 

Quebec products

For a gift to unpack, your collaborators can also opt for a 100% product designed and manufactured in Quebec. Thanks to the universal Accolad gift card and the products of our partner Signed Local, dive into the heart of Quebec's soul and energy. Fine food, jewelry, decorative items, body products, stationery, games and children's clothing: there is everything for all tastes!

*All the rewards presented on this page are subject to their availability at the time of the order. Merchants represented in the Canadian and American gift card category of renowned brands are not sponsors of the awards or affiliated with Accolad Inc. in any way. Logos and other associated identification marks are trademarks belonging to each represented company and / or its subsidiaries. Please visit each company's website to view the additional conditions.

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