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Give them the recognition they deserve. Give yourself peace of mind.

Do you lack the time and resources to recognize your employees for their true value? Thanks to Accolad, recognize and reward your employees, customers and partners easily and quickly.

  • Celebrate their years of service

    Recognize their loyalty and commitment in no time. Import your employee database, define your program milestones, personalize your message and voila!

    Celebrate special occasions

    Whether for Christmas, a birthday, a retirement, a competition or your social club, Accolad offers the largest selection of gifts in Canada. Give the perfect gift for any occasion!

    Our employees feel valued and honored for their efforts. This is an invaluable investment in our company culture.

    - Andrée Morisset, HR Manager

    The Accolad advantages

    • Total automation

      Recurring and one-off gifts in just a few clicks

    • Tailor-made gifts

      A message and choices that suit you

    • Exceptional service

      Support from our experts from start to finish

    • Simple and user-friendly

      Tools designed to save you time

    • Local purchase option

      Gifts and gift cards from Quebec to encourage our merchants

    Get started with Accolad.

    Take action and see the benefits of creating a culture of recognition now.

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