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Celebrate your employees. Increase productivity.

Active in the industry since 2016, we have nurtured an innovative approach by offering memorable and personalized experiences to individuals. Over time, our team has raised the art of customer experience to new heights, focusing on the innovation and personalization of our solutions.

The year 2020 marked a decisive turning point in our journey. When an emblematic institution representing thousands of Quebec employees approached us with a significant mandate — the distribution of gift cards to its employees, amidst a pandemic and health restrictions.

This opportunity not only demonstrated our ability to successfully pivot towards B2B but also solidified our "why". Rooted in the Quebec entrepreneurial fabric, Accolad was born from the idea of becoming an essential reference in recognition solutions for both small and large employers, while contributing to the growth of Canadian businesses.

Our goals? To save time for employers who use our services, contribute to the happiness of thousands of employees, improve the retention and recruitment of qualified personnel, and much more!

To realize this vision, we have built a user-friendly application that allows employers to send a gift with a fully personalized message from A to Z to their employees in just a few clicks.

Our partners, committed to offering quality products and services to our Quebec clientele, now make up the most comprehensive rewards catalog in the country, including gift cards from renowned Canadian and American brands, as well as gift cards from local businesses and major Quebec retailers.

Today, Accolad is proud to have helped numerous organizations recognize the years of service of their employees and offer rewards to their collaborators on special occasions. We continue to refine our expertise and tools daily to better meet the growing demand for our services.


We strive to create a free environment where employees love what they do. Would you like to join our growing team? Contact us today!

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