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  • The accolad solution

    There is an easier way

    Optimize your recognition program with our intuitive technology solutions. Turn gratitude into productivity while saving time and energy.

    Why recognize your employees’ years of service?

    Offering a gift to your employees to recognize their loyalty in a competitive market allows you to concretely show them that you do not take them for granted. This simple gesture contributes to their well-being at work and can help you reduce absenteeism and staff turnover, in addition to increasing performance and productivity.

    An employee who feels recognized is a fulfilled employee

    When you celebrate your employees' years of service with Accolad, you're giving more than just a gift. You demonstrate to your employees that you recognize the inestimable value of their contribution to your organization.

    The Accolad Universal Gift Card is a tangible symbol of their dedication. This attention promotes their satisfaction and well-being, thus reinforcing their desire to contribute to the continued success of your business.

    With our services, you invest in the happiness of your employees and create a more harmonious and productive workplace. Transform recognition into professional growth without delay!

    The accolad solution

    Secure and personalized

    Easily manage your rewards in one easy-to-use app, ensure data protection with our bank-grade security, and personalize your gifts to reflect your business.

    • User-friendly app

      Manage all your rewards in one easy-to-use app designed to streamline the reward management process.

    • Wide selection of gifts

      Offer your employees the choice from a multitude of gift cards from well-known brands and products and gift cards from Quebec.

    • Full customization

      Accompany your gifts with a personal message reflecting the image of your organization

    • Protection of your data

      Get bank-grade protection with 256-bit SSL encryption, secure hosting from AWS, and compliance with the latest ISO standards

    • Practical features

      Enjoy a host of convenient features, including the ability to import your employee list and access to a scheduled gift tracking calendar

    • Training and support

      Access online training on using the application, our frequently asked questions and support from our experts 24/7

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