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Refund Policy

Version: 1.0
Last revised: February 16, 2023

This Refund Policy applies to all gift card purchases (other than the Accolad Gift Card) made directly or indirectly through our website ( ) or web application (collectively , “ Websites ”). All such purchases are final. Gift cards are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash. When a gift card from a merchant other than Accolad is chosen and the transaction is completed, funds are transferred to that merchant and no changes can be made to the order. Accolad Reconnaissance recommends that its customers ensure their selection before finalizing a purchase or exchanging a gift card. Following the purchase of a gift card, you agree not to dispute the transaction made through a chargeback. If you have a question regarding an expense, you agree to contact us via the Accolad Reconnaissance platform or at the email address . If you deliberately initiate a chargeback, your Accolad account may be terminated without notice and you agree to pay a $50 chargeback processing and collection fee to Accolad Reconnaissance.

Additional Terms Affecting Gift Cards

  • All gift cards offered on the Accolad Reconnaissance platform may be subject to additional terms and conditions of the applicable merchant.
  • These conditions are transcribed in our product pages on our Accolad Reconnaissance platform.
  • By making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to these additional terms.
  • All conditions associated with the sale of gift cards and the after-sales service of these gift cards (usage, balance checking, technical problems, etc.) are the responsibility of the merchant and may be subject to conditions and conditions. additional regulatory restrictions, including age verification requirements and restrictions related to the delivery of alcohol products.
  • The Merchant, with full exemption from Accolad Reconnaissance, is the supplier of the gift cards and the products and services obtained using them. Therefore, only the merchant is responsible for providing the products and services related to the gift cards purchased.
  • Accolad Reconnaissance makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the quality, security, usefulness or any other aspect of the gift cards sold or other services or products provided by merchants as a result of the use of these gift cards.
  • Your sole and exclusive remedy for failure to redeem a gift card will be against the applicable merchant.
  • Accolad Reconnaissance is not responsible for any costs, damages or harm resulting, directly or indirectly, from gift cards or other services or products provided by merchants as a result of the use of such gift cards.

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