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Luxury gift box

The traditional gift card included in our luxury gift box is exchangeable for gift cards from renowned brands, products 100% designed and manufactured in Quebec from our partner Signé Local and gift cards from local Quebec merchants.



Our luxury gift box is much more than just a box: it offers a high-end recognition solution. Thanks to its sober and elegant style as well as the wide choice of rewards to which the gift card it contains gives access, it will please all tastes! Designed specifically for businesses looking to recognize their staff, it offers a simple, concrete and sophisticated method to show gratitude.

Versatile: The gift card included in the box is redeemable for any product in our rewards catalog .

Luxury presentation: The gift card is inserted in packaging handcrafted by talented artisans in Quebec and made from sustainable materials. Impress your colleagues!

Personalized: Add a personal message to the recipient.

No fees or expiration date: The gift card it contains is free of service fees and can be used at any time.


Gift card:

Height: 5.4 cm or 2.13 in

Length: 8.6 cm or 3.38 in

Luxury Gift Box:

Height: 10.7 cm or 4.2 in

Length: 20.3 cm or 8 in

Thickness: 1.3 cm or 0.5 in


Choose the amount of traditional gift card you want to give.

Select the style of gift box that best suits the occasion or your preferences.

Determine the quantity of gift boxes you want to order. Each gift box will contain a traditional gift card in the chosen amount.

To add a personalized message for the recipient, enter your postal address as the delivery address. You can then add your message to the gift box and hand deliver it to the recipient (or send it by post).

If you prefer to send the gift box directly to the recipient (without a personalized message), enter the recipient's mailing address as the delivery address. The recipient will receive the gift card within 2 to 5 business days after validating the purchase.


Delivery: The gift box and the traditional gift card it includes will be shipped via Canada Post to the mailing address provided during purchase. Everything, carefully packaged, will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days, provided that the postal address entered is valid and complete.

Promotions and Discounts: Promotional offers, discounts and coupon codes are not valid on the purchase of gift boxes, except as part of the discount offered to businesses who place a bulk order of a minimum amount of $5,000.

Usage: The traditional gift card included in the gift box is valid exclusively at and cannot be used at other retailers.

Restrictions: The gift box is non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be converted into cash. The gift card it contains cannot be reloaded, resold or transferred to a third party.

Security: In the presence of suspicious or fraudulent activities, Accolad reserves the right to require another means of payment and/or to confirm your identity before sending.

Liability: Accolad accepts no liability for loss of the gift box and its contents.

Bulk purchase

Receive up to 7% off your order when purchasing a large quantity of Accolad Universal Gift Cards.


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