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Ôrigine artisans hôteliers Gift Card

Currency: CAD
Format: virtual


First cooperative hotel network in Quebec, Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers brings together 35 independent inns and hotels in 15 tourist regions across Quebec. Carefully selected, the network's member hoteliers offer a wide variety of relaxation, gastronomy, and outdoor experiences, both in urban settings and in nature.

Discover the best of Quebec with the Privilège loyalty program, which allows you to accumulate 2% of your spending within the network and on the Ôrigine website!



Purchase a gift package on and enter your gift card number at checkout.


Book directly with the hotelier using your credit card (and present your gift card at the end of your stay as a payment method).


Book online at using your credit card (and present your gift card at the end of your stay as a payment method).

Terms and Conditions

The gift card can only be used at all member establishments of the Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers network for accommodation, dining, packages, and most services and activities offered by the member establishment. Some restrictions apply. For any questions, please contact us at 514 861-4024 or at

The list of establishments within the Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers network is constantly updated. Some establishments may withdraw from the Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers network while others may join. To see the current list of member establishments, please visit this page:

When purchasing the gift card, the available balance will be the activated value of the gift card. The initial available balance will be reduced with each use of the gift card, and the remaining value will be printed on your receipt. The balance is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for credit or cash. Once the balance reaches zero, the card will no longer be valid, and any transactions on it will be declined.

The gift card has no expiration date. However, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, after 24 months of inactivity, a fee of $2.50/month will be automatically deducted from the gift card's balance.

For a transaction exceeding the available balance of the gift card, you can combine the use of the gift card with another accepted payment method at the establishment where the gift card is being used.

To check the available balance of the gift card, please visit this page: The gift card cannot be reloaded with additional funds.

If the gift card is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement gift card by providing the original purchase receipt and the lost or stolen gift card number. A replacement gift card will be activated with the available balance of the original gift card at the time of replacement. A service fee of $5.00, plus applicable taxes, will be charged for issuing the replacement gift card and deducted electronically from the available balance of the gift card. The request for a replacement gift card may be denied if the staff reviewing the request determines, at their sole discretion, that issuing a replacement gift card involves suspicious or fraudulent activity or an unacceptable risk. In no event shall Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers be liable for any fraudulent use of a lost or stolen gift card.

Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers reserves the right to invalidate a card used and/or acquired fraudulently. Ôrigine Artisans Hôteliers also reserves the right to terminate the gift card program at any time, in which case it will inform cardholders of the program's termination and the terms for using and refunding any available balance of the gift card via its website.

For more information on the gift card conditions, please visit this page:

Gift Card Delivery Time

1 to 5 business days

Accolad Exchange and Refund Policy

Once you have placed your order, the gift card is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-redeemable for cash.

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